Rapper’s father shot dead in Sunshine’s home ‘heartbroken’ due to son’s sudden death

Father a the rapper was shot to death In his home in Melbourne, he has talked about his heartache as police work to catch his killer.

Chris Habiyakare, 24, answered a knock on the door of his Sunshine North home on August 24 at about 8:30 p.m., and met a group of men.

The intruders rushed into the house and were believed to have been armed with several weapons, including a gun.

Rapper Chris Habiyakare was shot dead at his home in Melbourne. (delivered in nine)

A fight broke out between Habiyakare and the armed intruders, resulting in his shooting.

His father, Belthrand Habiyakare, told reporters today that he could barely sleep after his son was shot because he is lying awake for fear that one of his sons will be the next target.

“I feel broken,” he said.

“I can’t even sleep. I’m always alert.

“I’m constantly wondering if they’re going to pick up my other boys, and it’s very heavy.”

Father Belthrand Habiyakare has been shattered by the death of his son. (Nine)

Mr. Habiyakare had two male and three female friends in his house at the time, all of whom were believed to be 20 years old.

They fled for their lives during the attack, and one woman broke through the window to escape the house.

The intruders fled the property and the area in at least one vehicle after Habiyakare was shot.

A few of his friends returned to the house minutes later and called Triple Zero before one gave him resuscitation.

Habiyarare could not be resuscitated and died at the scene.

No one else was physically injured during the incident.

Father Belthrand Habiyakare spoke of the pain of losing his son. (Nine)

Police believe the incident was a targeted attack and intruders are trying to kill him.

“This was a clearly targeted attack,” investigator Tim Day said.

– The perpetrators focused that night on Chris and their intention was to kill him.

– There was a considerable amount of cash on the premises.

– There was a considerable amount of drugs on the premises.

“So why was Chris targeted?

“The answer to this question opens the case up for resolution.”

Chris Habiyakare was at his Sunshine North home in August with two male and three female friends when he was shot by intruders. (delivered in nine)

Investigators believe a fight on the property three days earlier on the morning of August 21 may be the motive for the fatal shooting, but detectives must “keep an open mind.”

Detective Inspector Day said Habiyakare knew the police and had a history of meddling in drugs.

“He was a beloved member of his family and friends,” Researcher Day said.

“They are all mourning the loss and looking for a reason.

“Chris’ death was nonsense violence perpetrated by an insensitive evildoer who was going to harm him because of a debt or other matter.

“They used a firearm at a defenseless man.”

Paramedics arrived, but Chris could not be resuscitated and died at the scene. (delivered in nine)

The young man was born in Tanzania and came to Australia in 2007 with his father.

He was passionate about rap music and recorded videos of himself performing.

Habiyakare believes his son’s passion for rap music made him use drugs.

At some point, he thought his son would die of dropping out of school, police problems, and drug addiction.

“I lost hope. Slowly he started to grow and realized his problem, realized he had to do something about it,” he said.

“Suddenly, his life ended quickly.”

Police have taken a significant surveillance camera shot in the area. (Nine)

His siblings are “heartbroken” from the sudden death of his brother, Habiyakare said.

“Chris’ siblings have felt the blow the most in my opinion – he was very close to them, ”he said.

“This is the first time in my life that I feel at a loss.

“This incident has broken me down into small pieces, and I’m not sure how I’m going to put them all back together.”

Police believe there are people on the scene who are able to identify those involved in the man’s death.

Detectives have published pictures of the two men they are trying to identify as part of the investigation.

Murder squad searchers have today released two pictures of the people they are looking for to identify as part of their investigation into Chris Habiyakare’s death in Sunshine North earlier this year. (Victorian Police)

They have asked everyone who may know these men, as well as the men themselves, to come forward.

“I think there are people out there who can identify those involved in Chris’ death, ”Investigator Day said.

“Identification can be due to identifying the people in the pictures or having knowledge of who was involved or even why the incident happened.

“It’s time for those people to do the right thing and come out.”

Detectives are also happy to talk to anyone who may have knowledge of the circumstances that led to the shooting.

Police have done significant CCTV work in the area.

Anyone in the area who has material between 17:00 and 22:00 on August 24 and has not yet spoken to police is asked to contact Stoppers of crime number 1800 333 000.

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