“Razor-sharp precision”: Russia welcomes test of anti-satellite weapons

MOSCOW: Russia said on Tuesday it had conducted a weapons test on an old Russian satellite with “knife-sharp accuracy” and denied allegations by the United States, Britain and NATO that the test would have been dangerous to spacecraft. U.S. officials said Monday’s test created a garbage field on Earth’s low-orbit that would jeopardize the International Space Station (ISS) and pose a threat to space activity for years to come.
The test clearly shows that Russia, while claiming to oppose the arming of outer space, is willing … to jeopardize the exploration and use of outer space by all peoples through its reckless and irresponsible behavior, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. said. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the test was reckless, threatened the ISS and the orbiting Chinese spacecraft, and showed Russia was developing new weapons systems. A British government spokesman condemned the experiment and urged Moscow to join UN talks on “responsible behavior in space”.
The Russian Ministry of Defense said the test debris had not threatened the ISS and that Washington knew this. “Indeed, we successfully tested a promising system. It hit an old satellite with knife-sharp accuracy. The pieces formed do not threaten space operations, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told the RIA news agency. , China and India have conducted similar tests in the past, with the Russian space agency saying the ISS crew had to temporarily move to their own spacecraft.
The defense ministry said Russia had to strengthen its defense capabilities as the U.S. and Washington conducted weapons tests when setting up space forces in 2020. Moscow said it had been working on an agreement to end the use of weapons in space for years, but Washington and Washington’s allies had blocked the treaty at the United Nations.


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