Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is proud to be an unvaccinated COVID-19

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), A spokesman for conspiracy theory, praised being unvaccinated against COVID-19 in the conservative Newsmax.

A supporter of QAnon, who spoke with presenter Chris Salcedo on Monday, blamed the $ 60,500 charge imposed on him for not following the house’s mask rules, declaring explosively, “I refuse to wear a mask.” (However, Greene has been described as using them on several occasions with slogans containing political messages).

Greene, who has compared House camouflage credentials to the Holocaust, told Salcedo that he had not received vaccines that have been given safely to billions of people around the world, and he would “stand firm in defending all people in this country who refuse to be vaccinated.”

“You know, I support anyone who decides to take the vaccine,” Donald Trump’s priest claimed. “I’m even going to get him to get one if they want one, but I’m also opposed to these unconstitutional vaccination powers.”

Greene first seemed to reveal his unvaccinated status in a Steve Bannon podcast earlier this month. Bannon, a former Trump White House strategist, has since been charged with refusing to cooperate in a congressional investigation into the U.S. Capitol riot.

“Want to know something, Steve? I haven’t been vaccinated,” Greene said at the time. “I haven’t been vaccinated, and I’m not getting the vaccine because I’m American. I get to choose what I want to do with my body. I have the freedom to decide if I want to get the vaccine or not. I don’t care who tells me to get one.”

“They are destroying our country, these vaccinators,” he added. “I’m sorry. I know I use the word Nazi, and everyone gets angry when I say it, but that’s what they are.”


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