Report: Amazon watches Al Michaels, Troy Aikmania on Thursday night’s “dream team”

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

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However, Troy Aikman may continue to work on Thursday nights.

Fox will be handing over Wednesday’s package to Amazon after 2021. However, according to Michael McCarthy of, Amazon is watching Aikman from production on Thursday night’s package.

The “dream team” would consist of Aikman as a commentator and Al Michaels, who is responsible for each game. Michaels, whose NBC contract expires this season, has been linked to new Thursday night production for months. In September, Andrew Marchand of the New York Post said Michaels has a “90 percent” chance of having a gig.

Amazon broadcast changes the viewing experience. The short-week games in 2022 will be on view in the local market for teams playing on the broadcast channels. Elsewhere, games can only be viewed with an Amazon Prime account.

The experiment theoretically sacrifices millions of eyeballs. The challenge for Amazon is to reach as many fans as possible and get them to change their viewing habits, watching the streaming service instead of the three-letter over-the-air network.

Even then, it may take years to produce the same figures that Fox and NBC and CBS have routinely collected before. Thursday night football.

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