Ryan Reynolds jokes about his “Chicken S ** t” fight in “Red Notice”

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28 minutes ago

Ryan Reynolds is starring Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson in Netflix’s fast-paced robbery “Red Notice,” in which Reynolds’ character, a notorious art thief, collaborates with Johnson’s FBI agent to catch an even better art thief (Gadot). ), known as the Bishop.

In a new IMDb “Burning Questions” interview, the trio will discuss their roles in the new film, including numerous battle scenes.

“He’s literally a bull in the Chinese movement,” Reynolds said of Johnson. “Gal, yes, he’s just stylish. And my fighting style is just chicken shit.”

However, Reynolds admitted to enjoying the scene where Johnson’s character gets knocked out.

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“You know what? If I had been able to repeat this sequence at my funeral, I would have died as a happy man,” Reynolds hinted.

Meanwhile, Gadot admitted that when he and Johnson filmed the dance episode, he was shocked at how light the former WWE champion was.

“I kept saying to the DJ, ‘We have to practice, we have to make sure we have this.’ Like ‘We have to practice.’ “No, you don’t understand. My toe. We have to practice.”

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Johnson added, “At first she was afraid I was going to be just a silly dancer and I broke her leg, just like she was dancing with a buffalo. She didn’t even know she was dancing with a man who dances as can, smooth as can.”

“Red Notice” is currently streaming on Netflix.


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