Six cranberry beers for Thanksgiving atmosphere

I don’t know about you, but I prefer my cranberries straight from the Ocean Spray jar, which has a print on the jelly in the jelly and that crackling sound when it squeezes. I also don’t try to imagine it on the table. I want to make sure that those around me can also enjoy this bright red wonder.

You may prefer to make your cranberries differently, but either homemade or from several ingredients such as walnuts, orange juice and marshmallows. And that’s okay. We can all be different. But if you like cranberries in beer, this week is the time to find a bunch of cranberry taps on tap. Wolverine, eat.

Click to enlarge DENVER BEER CO., LTD.

Cranberry Princess Yum Yum
Denver Beer Co.

As a warm-up for Turkey Day, Denver Beer Co. recently grabbed Cranberry Princess Yum Yum in all three of her faucet rooms. It features DBC’s “traditional German kolsch, fermented with both cranberries and a touch of orange peel, just like in your favorite Thanksgiving side dish,” the brewery says. You can also get it as part of the brewery’s annual Thanksgiving beer and pie pairing, which returns on November 20th.

Click to enlarge TIVOLI-PANIMO

Get stuffed holiday beers
Tivoli Brewing

This Tivoli Brewing smaller batch flavored sale is big, 8.8 percent ABV. “Stuffed to the brim with cranberries, oranges and cloves, [it] is perfect for any celebration, “the brewer says.” Get Stuffed has a malty backbone that can withstand bold flavors and cold weather.


Cranberry IPA
An epic brewery

“To keep track of you during the changing seasons,” Epic Brewing recently revealed Cranberry IPA, which it said was stewed with “lots of cranberry puree, heaps of Citra and Amarillo hops, and little lactose.” The beer is now available on tap and in packs of four to sixteen ounces.

Click to enlarge RIVER NORTH BREWERY

Holiday blonde
River North Brewery
Holiday Blonde returns to both washrooms at River North Brewery. This 6% ABV cranberry, orange and cinnamon beer will be available from Tap and Crowlers from November 20th. However, this taproom favorite isn’t much and won’t be back until next year.

Click to enlarge NEW IMAGE MAKING

Marja Marja Pörröinen
New Image Brewing

The latest beer in New Image Brewing’s Fluffy series is the Berry Berry Fluffy Double Milkshake IPA, an 8.5 percent ABV partnership with More Brewing and full of Thanksgiving atmosphere. There are orange peel, sweet cherries, Tahitian vanilla and lactose as well as Berry (cranberry) and Berry (raspberry). Since November 20, the beer available in cans and taps has been “loosely” inspired by an old family recipe for cranberry sauce, the brewery says.


Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery

Conditional Love
Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery will release Conditional Love Fruited Sour on Nov. 23 as part of a triple can release. This bitter 5% ABV Berliner weiss-style beer is made from cranberry, orange, cinnamon and vanilla and offers a “refreshing” toast for the holiday, the brewery says.


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