Star Hobson Trial: Brockhill admits to hitting a baby on CCTV

MURDER blamed Savannah Brockhill, who denied being a “very angry” person who “must always be in control” today, but admitted he had once struck Star Hobson.

He was witnessed and cross-examined in the trial of the death of 16-month-old Star Hobson on September 22, 2020.

Brockhill, 28, of Hawthorn Close, Keighley, and his partner – and Star’s mother – Frankie Smith, 20, of Wesley Place, Keighley, both deny that they killed the toddler and caused or allowed him to die.

Zafar Ali QC interrogated Brockhill on behalf of Smith after he had given him evidence and an account of the case while he was questioned by his attorney Kath Goddard QC.

Mr Ali said Brockhill was an “angry person” who had had anger problems for years, and in 2020 he was “very angry” to whom he said “sometimes yes, anger never goes away”.

“In the texts on February 29, you said‘ knife someone tonight, ’you were so angry that you could stab someone, anyone,” Mr Ali said.

Brockhill replied, “It was speech.”

Mr. Ali continued, “You said, ‘I don’t care if there are children in the house, I’m furious. They need the police to take me away.’

Brockhill replied, “Raging, arguing.”

Mr. Ali replied, “You know that the police will only take someone away if there is a danger or threat of violence, not arguing.”

He also said Brockhill “wanted to control Frankie Smith all the time,” which he denied.

“Towards the end of the star’s life, your anger and rage was reflected in your attitude towards Stara, wasn’t it,” Mr. Ali asked.

Brockhill replied, “Not really.”

“You called him a very nasty and naughty child, his general behavior, not an isolated incident,” Mr. Ali continued.

Brockhill replied, “He was wicked and naughty, biting people and himself; it’s malicious use. ”

Mr Ali suggested that Brockhill “could not handle a toddler who does not do what you said because you are obsessed with controlling”, which he denied.

He also showed that he called Staria a “brat that destroys Smith’s life” in the text, as well as statements from detectives who said he called Star a brat in the hours after and after his death.

He said, “Brat is a very old term. It’s in Willy Wonka, it means spoiled.”

He told the court that detainees who said they had called Staria a brat were either lying or had “heard or misunderstood.”

“I think if you had heard that word, you would have written it in your notes,” he said.

Mr. Ali replied, “He didn’t write it down because it stuck in his mind, he told the court he was 100% sure he heard the word ‘kakara’ used.”

Mr. Ali also asked Brockhill if he could “pack a punch,” to which he replied, “I’ve dropped men and women. Put them on their backs.”

Earlier in the day, CCTV footage from a recycling facility, when the prosecutor alleges Brockhill repeatedly struck Star, was repeated to the court.

Brockhill admitted to hitting Star once at a recycling facility, “a backhand blow to his cheek after Star didn’t stop biting himself.”

In plays where Brockhill seemed to plunge towards Star, he said he was playing games like “Nails of Liar Liar” in an attempt to calm Stara, or his hand had slipped off the seat.

He agreed to do a Google search after a while, “what happens when you’re in the wind,” “what happens when your body doesn’t get enough oxygen,” and “can you die from ventilation.”

Brockhill said these were done because “Star had thrown himself back and surrendered; he tried to climb forward and fell between the two seats.

In describing the injuries and deaths that led to Star’s death, Brockhill was visibly emotional in the witness stand.

He described hearing the bang and finding Star on the floor, moving Star from rigid back to floppy, trying to get him out of shock, performing resuscitation, calling an ambulance, and paramedics arrived and took Star, who was “white, gray” at the time, to the ambulance immediately.

He said searches on his new phone the day after Star’s death for “splenic trauma classification” and other terms made his mother-in-law his phone.

When asked if he killed Star, whether he caused Star’s head injury, a broken tibia, or any other injury found at the autopsy, Brockhill replied, “No way.”

When asked if he thought Frankie Smith had caused serious injury to Star, he replied, “No.”

The trial continues.

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