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Streamlabs OBS, a leading streaming software company, removes the term “OBS” from its name after receiving criticism from several sources, including popular streaming times and other companies. As of today, the company is known as “Streamlabs”.

On Tuesday, the company also faced allegations that it had copied the descriptions and design of the website from a competitor named Lightstream. Streamlabs responded to this Lightstream argument a public tweet: “The landing page text was placeholder text that was introduced by mistake. This is our fault. We removed the text as soon as we received the information. Our planned version is now released. The Lightstream team is awesome, and we’ve contacted them directly to apologize.”

Wednesday Streamlabs delivered an opinion saying that it would remove “OBS” from its name and that it would take “full responsibility” for its actions. (The statement did not refer to Lightstream’s accusation.) Polygon has contacted both Streamlabs and Lightstream to comment, but did not respond before the release date.

Streamlabs’ decision to exclude “OBS” from its name is due to a public tweet of the original authors of the open source OBS software. OBS’s tweet claims that Streamlabs contacted it prior to its release to ask for “OBS” to be included in the software. OBS asked Streamlabs not to do this, but Streamlabs did it anyway. “We’ve tried to figure this out privately, and they’ve been cooperative at every turn.” The OBS tweet said.

For Strangers, Streamlabs OBS is free, open source software that makes streaming more user-friendly. Its software is built from a variety of open source software called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) that preceded it. One way to think about it is that Streamlabs OBS is a newer, more glossy version of OBS that is easier to use. But the name wasn’t the only problem for the company.

On Tuesday, the company launched Streamlab Studio, a cloud-based streaming software that allows content providers to share a live game without a capture card, computer, or third-party software. It also allows streamers to customize the look and feel of their streaming on their phones. It is designed to allow console gamers to stream without the need for all the great technology. It was unveiled as part of a partnership with streaming platform Twitch.

The biggest problem is that similar software already exists. It’s called Lightstream, and just like Streamlab Studio, it offered content producers a way to stream their consoles and customize their streams through a mobile browser. If that wasn’t enough, the actual Streamlab Studio website also looks very similar to the Lightstream software website – which Lightstream pointed out official Twitter account.

This led to many people piling up on Streamlab and accusing the company of copying Lightstream in terms of both the software concept and the actual website. This, combined with the fact that this new service comes as a premium service, orders starting at $ 4.99 per month or $ 49.99 per year, also received criticism.

Popular streamers Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker and Imane “Pokimane” Anys shouted at the company Piker is threatening “Never use” Streamlabs again if the company didn’t resolve the issue. Years in the same way said Streamlabs would ask them to take their face off the platform if Streamlabs did not solve these problems.

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