Suns “strongly considers” a midfielder removed from the list

Gold Coast is “strongly considering” removing Charlie Constable, a midfielder removed from Geelong’s list, reports SEN’s Sam Edmund.

Edmund understands Constable is nominated for this month’s national draft, and Suns wonders whether to choose the 22-year-old.

Hugh Greenwood’s shocking departure from the Gold Coast to North Melbourne this week has opened a spot on the club’s main list.

Cats quit Constable in October after playing just 12 games in three seasons.

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“He (constable) is a candidate for the national draft today, so the paperwork is fine,” Edmund said. The world of SEN’s Dwayne.

“Geelong removed him last month – the Gold Coast is now considering him heavily, and is wondering if the midfielder will take on North Melbourne after Hugh Greenwood’s sudden departure.”

Constable, who was selected by choice # 36 in the 2017 National Draft, failed to break in despite the VFL format that affects the star-filled midfield of Geelong.

A nationwide draft will be held on November 24 and 25.


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