The Turkish lira crisis hit Idlib in Syria Business and financial news

Jamil Barakat says it was never easy to feed in the city of Idlib in northwestern Syria. But the adjacent Turkish lira crisis and soaring inflation have made his small business a nightmare. “Product prices change every day and customers are disbelieving,” Barakat tells Al Jazeera. “And of course, rental and transportation costs need to … Read more

Black Friday is back, but pandemic problems continue Retail news

U.S. discount retailers dared to buy Christmas presents on Black Friday in cold weather and found that stores were less crowded than in previous years as large U.S. retailers opened their doors early. The shift online, COVID fears, and less drastic discounts have reduced crowds the day after U.S. Thanksgiving, which begins the year-end shopping … Read more

US stocks fall sharply due to new COVID-19 virus Financial market news

Investors who feared new restrictions and travel bans transferred money to companies that largely benefited from previous waves. U.S. stocks fell sharply on Friday as a new, highly contagious variant of the coronavirus from South Africa appeared to be spreading around the world, threatening months of progress in pandemic control. The Dow Jones Industrial Average … Read more

The decline in bitcoin and ether as a variant of the virus will increase wider global sales Crypto news

Bitcoin fell as much as 9 percent to $ 53,552, while Ether fell more than 12 percent on Friday. Bitcoin fell 20% from the record high it set earlier this month as a potentially worrying new variant of the coronavirus encouraged traders around the world to give up risk funds. The world’s largest cryptocurrency fell … Read more

Oil drops as new coronavirus variant adds concern Oil and gas news

The emergence of a new stock is the biggest threat to the recovery in oil consumption. Factor: Alex LongleyBloomberg Published 11/26/2021 The price of oil fell sharply as the new coronary virus strain raised concerns about the outlook for demand and accelerated global markets. New York futures fell below $ 74 a barrel and the … Read more

Shares sink in new fear of coronavirus Financial markets

Equities, U.S. Treasury returns and oil sinking as the new COVID-19 strain destabilize the market. Factor: Sunil JagtianiBloomberg Published 11/26/2021 Shares, Treasury returns and oil fell on Friday as the yen jumped as a new Covid-19 strain found in South Africa sent a wave of caution to global markets. The Asia-Pacific stock index hit its … Read more

After an early success, Taiwan is struggling to break free from the “zero COVID” policy News about the coronavirus pandemic

Taipei, Taiwan – Taiwan’s rapid decision to close its borders in the early days of the pandemic gave it a sense of low mortality and normalcy, making it the envy of the world. Nearly two years later, the self-governing island may fall victim to its early success, some experts say, as health authorities continue the … Read more

Deepening despair over ‘abandoned’ tourism in New Zealand | Business and finance

When New Zealand finally announced its plans for the return of international visitors this week, Eve Lawrence, CEO of Haka Tourism Group in Auckland, found little reason to celebrate. After nearly two years of border closures that have reduced business, Lawrence will have to wait at least another five months before welcoming customers from abroad. … Read more

Seoul seeks Hong Kong crown as Asian financial center Business and finance

Seoul, South Korea – When Alex Short was offered free office space to locate his fintech startup in the Seoul financial district, he seized the opportunity. For Short, whose startup PerformID helps online shoppers get cash back and other benefits, South Korea seemed to be the ideal place for its business thanks to a highly … Read more