World War I veteran Ecaterina Teodoroiu is the first woman to appear on Romanian banknotes

For the first time in Romanian history, a woman’s face appears on an official banknote. As of December 1, the image of World War I veteran Ecaterina Teodoroiu will be legal tender for 4 euros. After the death of his brother, the Romanian army Sargent, he enlisted and served as a soldier on the front. … Read more

The rise of Major League Soccer

Football in the United States has not always had the best results. Its popularity varies, and interest is usually tied to major events such as the World Cup or the Olympics. Major League Soccer has spent more than 25 years trying to change the climate for football in the United States while competing with faster-paced … Read more

Concerns about the new COVID option Slam the Market

The day after Thanksgiving is typically slow but positive, but this is not the case here on Friday. News of the new COVID variant in South Africa suddenly struck, and new travel restrictions are in a hurry. So far, the variant has occurred in only four countries, but the importance of travel restrictions has now … Read more

The Turkish lira crisis hit Idlib in Syria Business and financial news

Jamil Barakat says it was never easy to feed in the city of Idlib in northwestern Syria. But the adjacent Turkish lira crisis and soaring inflation have made his small business a nightmare. “Product prices change every day and customers are disbelieving,” Barakat tells Al Jazeera. “And of course, rental and transportation costs need to … Read more

The shares will sink into the new version of COVID; The Dow lost 905 points

NEW YORK (AP) – Shares fell on Friday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average momentarily fell more than 1,000 points as a new variant of the coronavirus first discovered in South Africa appeared to be spreading around the world. Investors were unsure whether the option could reverse months of progress in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. … Read more

The United States restricts travel from South Africa and seven other countries

People are queuing up to board an international flight at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Friday, November 26, 2021. Jerome Delay | AP WASHINGTON – The United States will restrict travel by non-U.S. Citizens from South Africa and seven other countries from Monday as part of a global effort to stop … Read more

Black Friday is back, but pandemic problems continue Retail news

U.S. discount retailers dared to buy Christmas presents on Black Friday in cold weather and found that stores were less crowded than in previous years as large U.S. retailers opened their doors early. The shift online, COVID fears, and less drastic discounts have reduced crowds the day after U.S. Thanksgiving, which begins the year-end shopping … Read more

Why the new coronavirus variant triggered sales in Bitcoin and stocks

When researchers identified a variant that caused the new Covid-19 virus, countries restricted travel to and from South Africa. WSJ’s Anna Hirtenstein explains that investors have turned to bonds and gold in anticipation of further potential disruption. Photo: Sumaya Hisham / Reuters .