The WHO provides positive news about Omicron, but says more research is needed

The World Health Organization has provided a positive update on the Omicron variant, but it has received an important warning. Top researchers at the WHO and the United States said the Omicron variant does not appear to be inferior to other coronavirus strains, but has warned that more research is needed to assess its severity. … Read more

Covid live: In England, people over the age of 40 are now eligible for booster treatment after three months; South Korea spark alert World news

The majority of NHS leaders say the situation is extremely difficult. I think we have the hardest winter the NHS has ever faced, and also the care system. What we have here is a combination of factors: we have been impressed by a decade of austerity measures that have left the health workforce weakened and … Read more

Mrs Brown’s Boys: The biggest controversy about the hit series

Tax fraud allegations, bitter pay disputes and a shock that now stands out from the two main stars – Mrs Brown’s Boys is full of drama behind the scenes. Mrs Brown’s Boys has entertained – and infuriated – viewers for the past 10 years, and there has been no scandal. Despite the fact that Brendan … Read more

Ashes: Ashes: Scott Morrison takes part in the Fifth Ashes Test

Australia’s strongest character has offered two cents as the battle to host the Fifth Ashes Test comes to an end. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed he is firmly in the “Cup Camp” as the debate continues on where the Fifth Ashes Test will be held. The match was originally scheduled to be played at … Read more

Covid Direct News: Rising South Korea Causes Hospital Alert; ‘Stealth’ Omicron variant found | World news

at 2.38 GMT 02:38 The new version of Omicron has released a lot of new information over the last day about critical issues such as whether it avoids vaccines, how contagious it is, and possible new types of the strain. Although the WHO says the variant will not evade existing vaccines (see previous post), Reuters … Read more

First Ashes Test, Day 1 live cricket results, updates: Mitchell Starc wicket, Joe Root

The world of cricket is amazed at the first ashtray when Mitchell Starc wrote himself in folklore with an absolute hem. Welcome to the table setting from the first day of the first test in the 2021/22 Ashes series. There will be plenty of questions in the match as Cap Cummins ’captain’s time begins … Read more

Swiss suicide machine that kills in 5 minutes, approved for production

A coffin-like capsule designed to increase the comfort of assisted suicide could be available as early as next year. A coffin-like capsule that will allow people to end their lives could be introduced in Switzerland from next year, its creators say. With the Sarco suicide pod, the user can lie down and start the process … Read more

Dad kills family after catching fake Covid vaccine card

A German man killed his wife and three daughters in a horrific suicide after he was crushed by creating a fake Covid vaccine card. A German man killed his wife and three young daughters before depriving himself after he was crushed by creating a fake Covid vaccine card, authorities said Tuesday. The man, known only … Read more

China says US ‘pays’ for boycott of Winter Olympics and 2022 Beijing Olympics

China has given a heated response and hinted at revenge after being angry at America’s announcement of a groundbreaking boycott. China warned that the United States would “pay the price” for diplomatic boycotts of the Beijing Winter Olympics for human rights reasons. The U.S. move – which did not prevent athletes from participating – came … Read more

Belarusian journalists report deportation

Credit: Yousef Alfuhigi / Unsplash by Hanna Valynets (villa-) Tuesday 07.12.2021 Inter Press Service VILNIUS, December 7 (IPS) – Independent journalism is increasingly under attack in Belarus as the country becomes a regional hub for media repression. Recently, as many as six media outlets have closed their stores to ensure the safety of their staff. … Read more