The queen talks to these two people the most on the phone

Factor: staff. 1 hour ago If Queen Elizabeth’s phone has a “favorites list,” it probably includes two people who are important in the life of a 95-year-old ruler. “The queen apparently has two people she talks to the most on her phones,” royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti said. Us Weekly‘s “Royally US” podcast. READ MORE: … Read more

Tatler unveils new cover featuring Princess Charlene of Monaco: “More drama than soap opera”

Factor: Brent Furdyk. 49 seconds ago While the British royals have traditionally been an endless source of news headlines, the Royal Family of Monaco has allowed the Windsers to escape their money in recent months. Earlier this month, Prince Albert of Monaco announced that his wife, Princess Charlene, had been admitted to a nursing home … Read more

Prince William’s remarks about the African population condemned by critics

Prince William will not win points with the people of Africa after he made his remarks linking the continent’s population to the pressures on wildlife. Earlier this week at the Tusk Conservation Awards in London, William said Africa’s “pressure on wildlife and wildlife due to human populations created“ a major challenge for conservationists, as around … Read more

Queen “tells her family she’s doing much better and hosts Christmas in Sandringham”

Queen “tells her family she’s doing much better and looks forward to hosting the entire royal family in Sandringham this Christmas” Concerns about her health have grown recently since she canceled her engagement This included his first Memorial Sunday ceremony in 22 years But sources now say he is recovering and plans to join the … Read more

The Supreme Court judge reveals the contents of the safe keeping of Prince Philip’s will

Factor: Sarah Curran. 13 minutes ago Prince Philip’s latest wishes are recorded alongside the wills of more than 30 other deceased members of the British royal family. The contents of the safe were first revealed on Thursday. READ MORE: Royals honor “Family Heart” in Prince Philip’s “The Royal Family Remembers” trailer Sir Andrew McFarlane, President … Read more

William shares a personal account of mental health problems – The Royal Family Channel

William shares a personal account of mental health problemsRoyal Family Canal Prince William opens up about “stress and tension” when he makes an important revelationHEY! Prince William opens up about paternity in a new Youtube videoDaily mail Be less British in terms of emotion, Duke of Cambridge urges emergency services mental health meetingTimes William explains … Read more

Prince William opens up about his paternity and mental health problems while working as an ambulance pilot

Factor: Becca Longmire. 1 hour ago Prince William will continue his contribution to raising awareness of mental health, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Duke of Cambridge launched Blue Light Together on Thursday, a mental health support package for emergency services. He announced this at The Royal Foundation’s Emergency Services Mental Health Symposium. Prior … Read more

Duchess of Cornwall and Countess of Wessex attend Rifles Awards Dinner in London

Dazzling in diamonds! The Duchess of Cornwall and the Countess of Wessex wear spectacular gems and brilliant outfits for the Rifles Awards in London The Duchess of Cornwall and the Countess of Wessex both presented themselves at a Rifles Awards dinner in London Camilla, 74, of The Rifles, cut an elegant figure into a floor-length … Read more

How did Princess Charlene’s illness become an international mystery?

September 3rd Princess Charlene of Monaco collapsed and was taken to a hospital near Durban in South Africa. Although he was soon released, the case was a clear indication that the illness that kept him away from his adoption home and family may be more serious than early reports suggest. This week, an anonymous source … Read more

Kate Middleton says her “real passion” is “learning babies’ brains”

Kate Middleton showed that it is never too late to learn something new, dropping to a high school science class that explores children’s psychological development. The Royal visited Nower Hill High School in London on Wednesday to sit for a lesson, much to the surprise of 12- and 13-year-olds who were only informed about 15 … Read more