The best movie you’ve ever seen

Welcome back to the second edition of the best movie you’ve ever seen. This week we’re watching a newer movie, from 2006 Miami Vice. Those of you who know anything about me will know that my love for Michael Mann’s classic 1980s television series is deep. The Crockett and Tubbs saga is an instantly recognizable archive of a decade of extra, fluorescent clothing, wrapped sports jackets, and stunning hair. Five seasons on the NBC channel, Miami Vice drew strongly into New Wave culture and has remained a syndicate for thirty years. Having influenced everything about video games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to the storytelling format of police proceedings, such as Law, Miami Vice returned to the mainstream in the early 2000s with series creator Michael Mann behind the camera. Just this big screen Miami Vice is virtually nothing like the TV series on which it was based – or it looks like.

Since the split of domestic $ 63.5 million in ticket revenue (plus $ 100 million internationally) and critical reception, Miami Vice evaporated fairly quickly, but stories of awkward production have become plentiful. But what is the film itself like, fifteen years after the event? Join us to explore this much-vaunted but awesome classic by Michael Mann, Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx.

So how did a film that made less than half of its budget become a cult classic? We’ll cover it in this week’s best film you’ve never seen, written by Alex Maidy, edited by Edward Clark, produced and narrated by Chris Bumbray and co-producer Berge Garabedia. See other episodes below!

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