The case of Mallorca for the first time in court today: this is what you can expect

This is a so-called pro forma procedure, the substance of which has not yet been addressed. Today’s presentation will discuss the state of play of the investigation into the nightlife violence in Mallorca and the further planning of the criminal case.

Public or behind closed doors

The judge will also consider another matter. One of the suspects wants his case to be heard behind closed doors and to be separated from other cases. This request will be dealt with in a short closed session before the start of the public hearing. The court will immediately state whether the request has been granted or not.

What happened?

On the morning of 14 July, several incidents took place in the town of El Arenal on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Several people were injured in a fight at Café De Zaak. During the incident, the victim fell to the ground, after which he was kicked. Prosecutors suspect five people in Hilversum of attempted murder or serious assault.

In another incident on the boulevard, Cafe De Bierexpress, 27-year-old Carlo Heuvelman was treated so badly that he died a few days later. An eyewitness told RTL Nieuws that it went very quickly. “He was poured out of nowhere.”

Prosecutors suspect four people from Hilversum were killed. One of them was released in September. Three main suspects in custody have also been charged with attempting to assassinate another person who was in the country during the fight against De Bierexpress.

Earlier this year, police arrested a total of eight suspects in connection with the case, five of whom are still under arrest. All five of them are 18 and 19 years old and come from Hilversum.

Spain or the Netherlands

The case was initially investigated in Spain because the crime took place there. “That country can decide where the suspects will be convicted. That is the rule and it is said in the law,” the professor of criminal justice explained earlier to RTL Nieuws.

A Spanish judge later decided it would be better to prosecute in the Netherlands. This is partly because it concerns the Dutch victim and the Dutch suspects.

The case is complex

The case is complex, the expert explained earlier. This is because there are several suspects and it is not clear who did what. For example, a viewer is not punished for overt violence that results in serious injury or death. Someone can still be prosecuted for public violence, but a much lower sentence follows.

That is why it is very important for the police to find out exactly what happened. Earlier this month, police said they were looking for a “potentially decisive” eyewitness who may have described the fatal attack last summer.

Police also “want” to talk to a number of anonymous whistleblowers who have previously reported. “We have additional questions for them,” the spokesman said. Police are also paying a € 15,000 reward for a goldmine in the investigation into the fatal beating in Mallorca.

“It’s not a scam”

Carlo’s father also complained to the death victim in Opsporing Verzocht. “Take your responsibility. Even if you’re so young,” he spoke to the audience.

“Wouldn’t you like it to be done to someone you know? Who do you love? Your brother, your sister, your father, your mother. Think about it. It’s not a scam. We’re not talking about shoplifting, we’re talking about something very serious. Get over that fear and help us punish the culprits. “

RTL Nieuws will follow the incident, which begins today at 9 p.m. There are several rooms in Lelystad’s court where the case can be followed up.

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