The CDC says this will reduce your risk of diabetes by 70 percent after the age of 60

DPP programs are only open to people with a blood test-confirmed diagnosis of pre-diabetes who also have a BMI of over 25. The primary goal of many people participating in the program is to prevent pre-diabetes from developing into type 2 diabetes – something many hope to achieve without medication.

According to program leaders, DPPs have helped many people achieve these goals. Brooke Hudspeth, PharmD, the coordinator of Kroger ‘s Diabetes Self – Care Training Program and Diabetes Prevention Program, shared a story from one of her groups on the issue. “After taking her weight, A1C and other labs, she returned to the room with a wide smile on her face. She told her she was fully planning to start her medication on that visit to control her blood sugar. Seeing the woman’s positive results, she no longer needed to do so.”

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