“The Flash” Summary: Season 8, Episode 1 – Will Barry cause “Armageddon”?

The following includes spoilers Flashseason 8 premiere.

Flash returned to season 8 this Tuesday night, and the nominal speed is as navy on its feet as ever. But can even “smoothed out” Barry’s deal the news that he is due to cause at least Armageddon?

But let’s not hard on the softness of everyone. Much of the season opener, or part 1 of the five-part “Armageddon” event, was bright and showed how very strong Barry is after the events of the 7 final season. Iris, as well, is now her best self, dominating the growing Central City Citizen Media, employing real non-friendly writers, and having a podcast and everything!

Barry and Iris continue to have babysitters, although their newest contact interrupts Ray Palmer’s arrival in town for a technical meeting but is unable to book a hotel room. Colliding with West-Allen, Ray meets Chester, the fan boy, the next morning, who has hired Con as the director of the former technology titan. But when Chester organizes a pitch-fest with some bright young minds, Ray reveals he’s not going to start a new start-up business; he just wants to enjoy life and his wife.

The villain of the week is one of the first in the series – the Royal Flush Gang, which is similarly “leveled” and plans to plunder the entire cryptocurrency. However, Lightning can easily stop them on their tracks because she can now think faster than the Queen can read her thoughts.

Flash 8x01At the technology conference, Iris interviews the legacy Ray, who takes Chester’s instructions and says his future may be TBD; so far, however, he is building a foundation for young young scientists in the name of Chester’s father. Just as Ray and Iris end their Q&A, the alien materializes on stage. After suffering a bit with Barry and leading their battle on the sidewalk below, this Despero declares his mission to kill The Flash and thus prevent the momentum from destroying the world in 2031. Barry considers the prediction so much like a poppy, while Ray when Atom buys them time by hacking somewhere.

Gathering at STAR Labs, it is decided that Barry simply needs to show Despero how righteous a dude he is. By enticing Desperon into STAR Labs, The Flash invites the alien to explore his mind where no duplicity or anything is detected. Yet Despero cannot take the risk of losing his chance to stop Armageddon. But when The Flash reveals his true identity to a stranger, the moved Despero agrees to give him seven days to prove his case and gives no indication that he could one day turn bad.

Or other.

Assessing Barry’s mindset from Part 1, Flash star Grant Gustin told TVLine: “Of course he thinks this is not possible. Nothing would make Barry turn to the world he has promised to protect. And since he and everyone have risen to a level, he feels – at first – very confident that there will be no problem.

The operative word is At first….

Flash 8x02

With a view to Part 2 on Tuesday, Gustin introduces, “It’s a turnaround, and that’s why Barry goes to the Hall of Justice and looks for Jefferson. [Pierce]”Aka Black Lightning, presented by Arrowverse alum Cress Williams. “He needs help with something I don’t spoil because it’s a big turnaround that gets the other five players moving.

“But at the end of the second episode,” Gustin teased, “the development makes Barry think that maybe [The Flash causing Armageddon] Is possible.”

Elsewhere on the premiere of Season 8: Inspired by Frost’s romantic side, Caitlin decides he’s ready to start dating again … Kristin Kramer, who realized her own “ability to imitate” at the end of Season 7, has disbanded a meta-human team. and now he oversees Barry in the CCPD… and Iris gave Allegra a (honestly undeserved?) promotion that initially (and understandably?) annoyed three of his more experienced (and grumpy) colleagues.

What did you like about the 5-part start of “Armageddon”?

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