The frustration of the Houston family grows after five years of no response to the murder of a loved one

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) – This November marks the fifth anniversary of a man’s murder in southwest Houston. Since then, his family has still not received any answers.

Edmond Ford was 30 when investigators said someone knocked on his front door and then shot him to death.

His family said the arrest did not mean a detention for them. This fact affected Ford’s young daughter and son the most.

“They’re 16 and 15 now. They don’t have a father. They were 12 and 11,” Ford’s aunt Sharon Shepard said of the children. “They didn’t understand.” Who shot my father? Why was my father shot? “

These questions cannot be answered by the Ford family or Houston police. Investigators said two men escaped from his apartment complex after shooting Ford to death in November 2016.

“To date, nothing has been done about it,” Ford’s sister Ericka said.

Over time, the family is only frustrated in their fight for justice.

“Someone has to say something. It can’t always be silence, because if you’re silent, nothing happens. That’s why we’re at this point. Nothing has happened because everyone is silent,” Shepard said. “Nobody wants to talk.”

Ford’s aunt and her sisters spoke for her and explained how her murder and lack of answers had affected their family.

“Her mother, my sister, had to move out of Houston because her heart broke so much that her son was taken away. She has moved three hours away from us because of heartache,” Shepard said.

“My brother left two children. They have been left here without a father. He was very active in their lives,” Ericka said.

Ford’s own life would be cut off by criminals who are still fleeing accountability.

Houston CrimeStoppers offers a cash reward for information that can help families find the answers they deserve.

“We just hope someone calls and gives us tips or something to help us get to the conclusion,” Shepard said.

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