The protest paralyzes a student in the capital of Bangladesh after his death

DHAKA: Huge crowds blocked busy streets and harassed drivers in the Bangladeshi capital on Thursday to protest the death of a high school student in a car accident.
Thousands of uniformed students stopped traffic around Dhaka’s main shopping district and close to the national parliament.
Others marched into the city mayor’s office, demanding expedited prosecution of the driver of a garbage truck accused of driving a student to death.
“We will not return home until we get justice,” Sabit Bin Arif told AFP.
“We want justice. We want our lives safe on your roads. How can we relax when our friend killed such negligence?” The 18-year-old added.
Students were seen approaching vehicles – including police vans – and asking those behind the wheel to show their driver’s licenses.
In 2018, similar street protests that sparked two students killed in a bus accident grew into a nationwide movement that stopped traffic around the country for a week and led to government repression.
Authorities later enacted a road law that increased penalties for reckless driving, but students who took part in Thursday’s protests said the measures did not go far enough.
“We will not return home until our rights are confirmed this time,” Israt Jahan Ivy, 17, told AFP. “We don’t oppose the government. We just want safety on the roads.”


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