The Queen performs a personal audience at Windsor Castle

LONDON – Queen Elizabeth II met with the Chief of Staff of the British Army at Windsor Castle on Wednesday, the first time she was seen performing a face-to-face engagement after she missed a national memorial Sunday service due to a sprain in her back.

The 95-year-old ruler looked good as he chatted with General Nick Carter in the oak room at Windsor Castle. The queen, dressed in a colorful flower dress, stood to greet Carter, who is preparing to resign as commander of the armed forces at the end of November.

The Oak Room is the queen’s living room and office, and her elderly pet dorgi Candy – a cross between a corgin and a dachshund – was seen greeting Carter as she entered the room.

Concerns over the ruler’s health came to light last month as he spent the night in a London hospital after receiving medical examinations. At the end of October, palace officials said doctors had told the ruler to rest for two weeks and perform only light tasks.

These worries were exacerbated as he withdrew from Sunday’s last-day national memorial service to pay tribute to those killed in the British war. Buckingham Palace officials, who had said the ruler’s “strong intention” was to hold the event, announced on Sunday that he had decided to skip the ceremony as he sprained his back.

Elizabeth is Britain’s longest and longest-ruling monarch. He is set to celebrate Platinum Day – 70 years on the throne – next year.

During her rest period, the Queen has continued to work from home, doing desk work and spending most of her time at Windsor Castle in west London.

He canceled his plans to attend the UN climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, and instead sent a video message to world leaders attending this month’s conference. He also canceled his previous trip to Northern Ireland.

The Queen met Prime Minister Boris Johnson in person last week, but was not described as doing so.


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