The Supreme Court judge reveals the contents of the safe keeping of Prince Philip’s will

Factor: Sarah Curran.

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Prince Philip’s latest wishes are recorded alongside the wills of more than 30 other deceased members of the British royal family.

The contents of the safe were first revealed on Thursday.

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Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the High Court Family Division, is in the care of a secret depository, which also includes royal wills, including queen mother Princess Margaret, King Edward VIII and Lord Louis Mountbatten.

The earliest will is from the Prince of Teck in 1911.

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In September, a British court ruled that the contents of Prince Philip’s will would not be revealed for 90 years.

The duke died on April 9, at the age of 99. His funeral was held on April 17th.

Below is a complete list of other wills in the safe People.

1. Prince Francis Joseph Leopold Frederick of Teck

2. Alexander William George, Duke of Fife

3. Prince Morris Victor Donald of Battenberg

4. Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

5. Lordi Leopold Louis Mountbatten

6. Helen Frederica Augusta, Duchess of Albany

7. Princess Helena Augusta Victoria, Princess Christian

8. Princess Frederica Sophia Maria Henrietta Amelia Theresa of Great Britain

9. Princess Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, Princess Royal

10. Princess Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary

11. Queen Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria of Norway

12. Prince Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert of Connaught

13. Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, Duchess of Argyll

14. Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert, Duke of Connaught

15. Prince George Edward Alexander Edmund, Duke of Kent

16. Battenberg Princess Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore

17. Maud Alexandra Victoria Georgina Berth, Countess of Southeskin

18. Princess Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia Helena

20. Princess Franziska Joseph Louise Augusta Maria Christiane

21. Princess Alexandra Victoria Alberta Edivina Louise, Connaught Princess Arthur

22. Princess Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary, Princess Royal

23. Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent

24. Prince William Henry Andrew Frederick of Gloucester

25. Prince Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, Duke of Windsor

26. Lady Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth Ramsay

27. Prince Henry William Frederick Albert, Duke of Gloucester

28. Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas, Earl of Mountbatten, Burma

29. Princess Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline, Countess of Athlone

30. Prince Georg Valdemar Carl Axel of Denmark

31. Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon

32. Queen Elizabeth, Queen’s Mother


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