The Vikings leave everything out

Steve of Colorado Springs, CO

“There are no rear-view mirrors in his car.” “60 Minutes” long ago made the story of Lamborghini Countach (“sacred cow” in Italian). When the driver had to retract the car, the driver opened the door and leaned out to retreat. I think Mike Wallace asked about the unusability of the rearview mirror because of the small rear window. The driver replied, “140 miles per hour doesn’t matter what’s behind you.” Keep pressing the gas and never look back.

I need to start using “Countach” on the liveblog. Someone’s holding me.

There is an axiom in the racing world that “you have to know when to go slow to go fast.” The Rock Report showed that Kevin King braked (broke?) To get a good angle and waited for help as he toured the receiver after the catch. This seems to have gripped some of the younger types, although a few still figure it out. Is this Jerry Gray’s teaching? Or great film research? The fight is only better this year.

Joe Wausau was also asked about the birth of an improved tackle defense. I think it’s mainly due to better placement and angles. Those concepts led by Barry have come to power across the board, and I have no doubt that Gray’s guidance in a secondary school would have strengthened them.

With all the recent praise flying to Joe Barry, let’s not forget that the turnaround in defense took place the week Jerry Gray led the defense. Last year’s team was one DB away from the Super Bowl. It was then given an updated DB draft and a Pro Bowl ILB. Not forgetting how well this defense plays under Barry, I think Gray deserves more credit than he gets. Gray’s unit, I think, is the strength of the defense.

Well, the turnaround started in the second half vs. Detroit in week 2, right? But more broadly, Gray’s team has dealt with the most significant injuries, but has remained the backbone of the entire unit, to his great credit, but also thanks to a stable feed rush in key situations, which accelerated the timing of QBs. Now it’s Mike Smith’s edge-climbers dealing with a pile of adversity, and the secondary may have to do his part to help pass Rush. They always work hand in hand.

In the sketch discussion before his election, the only negative thing I heard about Rashan Gary’s sketching was a single report that he might be exposed to a really serious injury in one of his shoulders. I don’t remember hearing anything after that. Do you remember hearing the same report? If so, was the injury to his hand on the same side as this rumored weakness? I hope he’s not gone for a long time because he’s developed into a key player in defense with a desire to become truly awesome.

Gary injured his shoulder last year in Michigan, and I remember the Packers being very careful with that shoulder in his freshman year. But it hasn’t come up since. I don’t know if this current elbow injury is in the same hand.

Good morning! Is the Rams match now the most important single match program left?

Not when Packers has five more after that and Rams has six more.

Wes said this was “the best statistical defense he has covered,” which seems to suggest that he may have another defended defense that he thought was generally better. Any ideas what the defense might be?

The 2014 unit in the second half of the season, after Clay Matthews moved inside, was the best here since XLV. After the exchange, it allowed more than 21 points only once until the playoff loss. But its overall stats weren’t as good as the games were at an early stage. Time will tell where this defense will end when everything is said and done.

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