The women are suing Yale for changing fentanyl at a fertility clinic

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – Seven women who say they suffered terrible pain after a nurse stole fentanyl for her personal use and replaced it with saline sued Yale University on Wednesday, claiming it had not secured access to an analgesic opioid. fertility clinic.

The women say they underwent painful and invasive in vitro fertilization procedures and were required to receive fentanyl at the Yale University Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Clinic in Orange, Connecticut last year.

Unbeknownst to them, they received saline instead of fentanyl, and when they told staff of the extreme pain during and after the procedures, their concerns were dismissed, according to a lawsuit filed by the women and their spouses in Waterbury State Court.

“Yale’s failure to develop and implement the safety measures required by state and federal law to secure drugs such as fentanyl led to trauma for these patients,” a female attorney, Joshua Koskoff, said in a statement. “What should have been a time of hope for these women and their families came from incomprehensible suffering.”

Yale spokeswoman Karen Peart Peart said university officials were not commenting on the lawsuit.

The action seeks undisclosed damages.

In May, nurse Donna Monticone, who no longer works at the clinic, was sentenced to four weeks in prison, three months in a home prison and three years in supervised release. He pleaded guilty to one counterfeit of a consumer product.

Prosecutors said 75% of the fentanyl given to patients at the clinic from June to October 2020 was forged with saline. They said Monticone replaced fentanyl with saline to feed his opioid dependence. He apologized to the injured patients during the trial.

The lawsuit accuses Yale officials of failing to comply with mandatory pharmacy practices and allowing fentanyl bottles to be susceptible to tampering. The lawsuit also alleges that Yale violated state and federal laws by keeping more than 175 bottles of fentanyl in an uncontrolled and unlocked area and failed to implement security measures, including drug testing personnel with access to opioids.

The lawsuit contains civil charges of medical assault and assault, as well as medical malpractice. It says hundreds of patients were unknowingly treated at the clinic with saline instead of fentanyl last year.


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