The WWE Ruthless Aggression Clip shows Dwayne Johnson at Summerslam 2002

Unique: A new snippet of Peacock wrestling documentary WWE Ruthless Aggression follows Dwayne’s “The Rock” Johnson’s heel turn at Summerslam 2002.

A brand new clip from the streaming documentary series WWE Ruthless Aggression shows Dwayne Johnson at Summerslam 2002. The series is a sequel WWE Network Monday Night War, which describes the events that took place after the Attitude Era when WWE acquired WWC and ECW. Unscrupulous aggression got its first season premiere at Peacock (and WWE Network outside the U.S.) in February 2020, and the second season is set to follow its first episode, “Hollywood Rock,” on November 21, 2021. The remaining 5-episodes will follow that premiere in just one day. , and will arrive on November 22, 2021.


“Hollywood Rock” focuses on A-list star Dwayne Johnson’s long-running story and how her WWE origins in The Rock intertwined with Hollywood’s success. The performer is now best known for starring in big-budget blockbusters, including Fast & Furious concession, A jungle cruiseand the Netflix hit Red message, which premiered this week. However, his success first began with his WWE debut in 1996. He wrestled for 8 years before reaching the top of Hollywood and becoming one of its most lucrative. and the best paid actors in the process.

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Screen rage can now offer wrestlers a unique first look at the upcoming episode Unscrupulous aggression at the heart of The Rock. The clip largely focuses on one key moment in The Rock’s career: Summerslam 2002, where he lost to Brock Lesnar. The Rock had returned to the ring after working in Hollywood for a while, and although fans were disappointed with his departure, he leaned in and made the moment one of the most memorable heel turns on the show. Watch the video below:

The clip combines library material from the original broadcast with new The Rock interviews. One particularly interesting piece that was revealed during this clip is how The Rock had invested in its own story in the series. He was deeply involved in the decision-making process and took the emotions of the fans into account to create a story that gave them what he wanted and allowed him to shine even brighter.

The Rock is now an inevitable part of the pop culture landscape, so the audience will have fun coming back to this piece from his past. WWE Ruthless Aggression. In addition, there are many young fans who experienced him for the first time in movies, such as Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle or Moana instead of your roller coaster in the ring. They will probably learn details from his wrestling history that they have never known before.

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