There is still a fourth wave of viruses in Ontario that is likely to continue through the winter, the top doctor says

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The top doctor in Ontario says the rising COVID-19 infection curve in the province is a continuation of the fourth wave, which began earlier in September, and not the beginning of the fifth wave.

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A health doctor, Dr Kieran Moore, says the number of cases never returned to a low level despite a small decline, but rose steadily at the end of October.

He says higher incidence rates were expected when people moved indoors in cold weather and says the trend is likely to continue in January-February.

He says people should stay vigilant for the next few months until the weather warms up in the spring, allowing more outdoor appointments and more people eligible for the third dose of the vaccine.

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Ontario reported 748 new cases of COVID-19 and five other virus-related deaths on Thursday as the seven-day average for infections rose to 692.

Some health units in the north and southwest of the province are struggling with an increase in local cases, and Moore said the province is working to send resources to help.

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