There were some great out-of-bounds secrets in the Elden Ring closed-net test

Gif: From the software / AllisonByProxy / Kotaku

Not satisfied with the abundance Elden Ring Thanks to the content provided by last weekend’s short, periodic online tests, players will come up with a way to escape the boundaries of the demo map and explore countries beyond its limited reach and discover new features of the expected game along the way.

Within days, From Software gave some lucky gamers a chance to try the early version Elden Ring. It wasn’t the whole game, but a relatively small piece of a massive map of the open world. At many points you will find yourself happily riding your Torrent horse towards some distant landmark, but you would collide directly with a wall of light that will keep you away Elden Ring the developers were not yet ready to show.

Of course, it didn’t take long for people to squeeze through this hurdle with a awkward exploitation which gave them hours Elden Ring content not intended for public consumption.

Although no new items were to be looted and some areas simply dropped players into endless emptiness, there was still a lot to see in these former off limits. Elden Ring areas. I especially like the wild bears described below; ordinary varieties were closer to what we would consider bears in our world, but Grandma looks mutated Yao guai was somehow transported from there Drop concession. It also caused both bleeding and toxic effects. Yup!

Elden Ring players also found an unprecedented boss named Crucible Knight Floh. Just like Bloodhound knight Darriwil, which was included in the legal areas of the demo, Floh is accessed through a portal that teleports the player to the pocket dimensions known as Evergaol. Since Floh falls through the floor right into his weft, it requires additional attacks to see him well.

And finally, one particularly fearless explorer outside the borders happened to be in the same area as Alexander, a lovable NPC who appeared official game preview earlier this month. They traced the exact place that Alexander should have been stuck in the ground and waiting for their help, but handsome pot troll not found anywhere.

What a shame. Here we hope to see more of this big boy soon, not to mention his younger brothers.

If the demo is something, Elden Ring is a massive game. From Software seems to not only embrace the open world genre, but also reinvent it, filling every square inch of the environment with something neat, scary, or simply weird to experience. It only makes sense that this would extend to games that players weren’t supposed to see yet.


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