These are the corona measures of neighboring countries 1 Limburg

The number of infections is not high only in the Netherlands. There is also a need in Belgium and Germany. What new measures will our neighboring countries take?

In the neighboring country of North Rhine-Westphalia, a 2G system will be introduced from next week to curb coronary infections.

This means that only those who are vaccinated or recovered will have access to, for example, the restaurant industry and events such as football matches or the Christmas market. In other German Länder, where the rate of infection is even slower, 2G policy is not yet on the agenda. People with a negative corona test can also visit restaurants there. For discos only, the 2G procedure also applies to those parts.

New Belgian rules
In the context of the Korona, Belgium is extending the obligation to use slag and lowering the age limit for public indoor and public transport from 12 to 10 years. Despite the fact that customers are already required to show a corona passport, in restaurants and bars Caps have to be put on again, except at the table, the Belgian government’s advisory board has decided, according to the Flemish newspaper De Morgen. The Advisory Board will meet in connection with the country’s new Covid-19 wave.

Dismissal of health care personnel
In Belgium, it has already been confirmed that healthcare staff will be given the opportunity to be vaccinated before 1 April. If they don’t, they will be fired. Until then, healthcare workers will be able to use a PCR test that is up to 72 hours old to continue performing their work. But on April 1, this rule expires and only the vaccine certificate is still valid.

Lock unvaccinated
There is already a 2G rule in place in Austria, and a lock is in place for non-vaccinators. They are allowed to go to work, do essentials, or go out for medical reasons only.

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