Tim Tszyu vs Takeshi Inoue Boxing Kostya Tszyu wants to defend his son Tim in Russia

Tim Tszyu has urged his father Kostya to “work” if he wants his son to defend a potential world championship in Russia next year.

After winning the impressive Japanese Takeshi Inouen, Tszyu was guaranteed a world championship against Brian Castano.

“I’m coming for all of you. Each of you,” he said after the fight.

But if Tim manages to take the Argentine title, Tim’s father has already offered a possible first defense in Russia instead of Australia.

“My dad talks about it all the time,” he said after the fight.

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“Dad, if you listen, you have to arrange something.

“He’s talking about it all the time. You really have to work.”

Tszyu continued his unbeaten series, raising his career record to 20-0-0, but saw his five TKO victories in a row because he could not find a goal.

Inoue hits the canvas in the final round

“The guy is built like a brick wall,” Tszyu said. “F —- ing hit him with nothing, and he won’t go down.”

“I don’t know, I don’t think any heavyweight can drop him. He’s like a brick wall, literally, hands up man. It was a fucking warrior.”

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Castano is the next proposal for Tszyu, and just as this struggle was, it is a new step in better quality for young Aussie.

The 32-year-old Argentine is undefeated and retained his WBO lightweight middleweight draw against Jermell Charlo in July.

However, the two were able to complete the fight back, so Tszyu could wait a while.

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