Video shows a white Louisiana deputy repeatedly slamming a black woman’s head into a sidewalk | News

An assistant sheriff of the White Louisiana is being investigated for an allegedly unprovoked attack recorded on a video showing him dealing with a 4-foot-tall black woman. ProPublica and WWNO / WRKF report.

In the video for the Sept. 20 meeting, a Jefferson Ward alternate is seen holding on Shantel Arnold his hair and hit his head repeatedly on the sidewalk. According to an eyewitness, the helper used so much force that several braids were torn from his scalp.

Arnold, 34, weighs just 100 pounds and has a left eye missing from a previous car accident.

Warning, the video below is annoying to watch.

Before meeting with police, eyewitnesses said three boys attacked Arnold as he walked down the street near his family’s apartment. He was often an easy target for neighboring bullies, his family said.

The video is said to show the boys hitting Arnold on the ground and beating him while other people stood by and laughed. The assault ended when his stepfather drove the boys away.

As he continued to walk home, Arnold said the helper was driving to him in a patrol car. He urged him to stop and talk to him. But he refused. According to eyewitnesses, police jumped out of their car and attacked Arnold.

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The Sheriff’s Office conducts an internal investigation.

According to news reports, members of the black community have complained of excessive use of force and wrongful arrests for decades at the Jefferson Ward Sheriff’s Office.

Their previously published study found that blacks accounted for more than 70 percent of all MPs shot in the past eight years, more than double the number of blacks in the congregation.

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