Watch live: Boris Johnson meets MPs grilling over “scandals.”

Boris Johnson will appear before a UK parliamentary committee on Wednesday under pressure from the government to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and the “run” that is shaking the ruling Conservative party.

The British prime minister is also expected to get attention on issues such as the COP26 summit and the state of the economy when he gives evidence to the House of Commons liaison committee.

Watch the session live from the video player above from 3pm UK time (4pm CET).

Johnson has promised to tighten ethical rules in response to scandals involving lobbying politicians and other work outside parliament that has hurt British politics.

He made proposals on Tuesday to ban MPs from trading in influence and to ensure that outside work does not interfere with their duties.

Keir Starmer, leader of the largest opposition Labor Party, said Johnson’s actions appeared to be “a significant gain in cleansing politics”.

On Wednesday, the prime minister’s questions saw bad scenes when Starmer attacked Johnson over conflicts of interest between MPs.

Politicians have been widely criticized for secondary work since it was revealed that former Conservative Justice Minister Geoffrey Cox earned £ 400,000 (€ 476,000) a year as a lawyer while serving in parliament.

Two weeks ago, there was a furious backlash against the government as it tried to prevent the freezing of Owen Paterson, Johnson’s ally, who had been found in breach of parliamentary rules, and to begin a review of the standard process that had investigated his behavior.

A shout and revolt among tory MPs brought an immediate U-turn, but the prime minister has been harmed by opposition allegations that he sees fit to break the rules.

Paterson resigned as an MP after that. Boris Johnson has admitted that he could have dealt with the problem better, but did not apologize.

In the midst of rumors, the prime minister was forced to defend himself at COP26, arguing that Britain “is by no means a corrupt country”.

Several opinion polls suggest conservatives have lost their leadership over the Labor Party, while Johnson’s personal rating has plummeted.


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