We warned them about inflation and other comments

Obama Economist: We warned them about inflation

“Falling inflation is already enough,” Obama economist Steven Rattner shouts in The New York Times. “Last week’s terrible consumer price index” is shifting inflation to the “consolidated” category, jeopardizing higher interest rates, which are slowing growth. The administration was warned: Obama’s Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and “many others, myself included” were concerned about “shoveling unprecedented levels of consumption” into an already recovering economy. “Based on discussions with many government officials, legislators, and conscious viewers, it is ‘clear’ that the pressure,” especially from the progressive, “was” intense. ” The White House should now “get clean”: Build Back Better will only be paid if “budget tricks are adopted” – and more debt exacerbates inflation. “We can better build this financial plan back.”

Alien desk: Go Bipartisan in Iran, Joe

President Biden’s “underwater” rating and recent GOP victories will “complicate” his efforts to revive Iran’s nuclear deal, predict Mark Dubowitz and Matthew Zweig in The Hill. take.xml “If Biden wants a treaty to last longer than his time in the White House,” he must obtain “mutual support from the Senate,” which he can “ratify as an appropriate treaty.” Otherwise, history will repeat itself and the next Republican president will withdraw from Biden’s deal, just as Donald Trump rejected Barack Obama’s deal with Tehran. This 2015 agreement “was a political agreement with no legally binding elements. The negotiators never even signed the document.” Do not look for another “erroneous, temporary and politically controversial agreement”; Team Biden should “work reciprocally” to develop a “binding agreement” that Republicans and Democrats can accept.

Conservative: Team Joe’s Shameless Spinning

“It’s been pretty much to see Biden’s rotating machine come into contact with the cold and hard reality of the global economy,” Oliver Wiseman of SpecatorWorld sees. Please note the steps: “One, denies that inflation is [been] happens. Two, breezes that inflation is in fact a “quality problem”. Three, acknowledging that higher prices are not ideal, but should not affect Biden ‘s domestic agenda. Four, reinventing exactly the same $ 1.75 trillion spending package is above all an inflation – suppressing policy. The “bad faith” approach “is both patronizing and cynical.” And now Jen Psaki says Republicans who oppose the bill are “rooted in inflation.” This “lazy” message “keeps us all stupid.”

Libertarian: Kamala Harris was never loved

Vice President Kamala Harris’ biggest problem isn’t “some unnamed White House employees,” who shy away from him to reporters, remarks Eric Boehm of Reason: Indeed, his “flame during the presidential election suggests that he has never been so popular with Democrats.” His “attempts to develop his image have been unreliable and unconvincing. And now he’s tied to the sinking ship of the presidency. “But” the good news for Democrats is that Harris’ time on the national political scene “is short:” They have no danger of getting Harris to top the president’s flag any time soon, “and” that’s good news for the rest of us. ”

Downtown: Schiff, Steele & The Death of Shame

“While even the Washington Post has admitted that it went wrong with the story of the Russian conspiracy,” Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) “Continues to deny that he was absolutely right in advertising the failed Steele document,” Jonathan Turley shouts at Fox. News. “One of the biggest contributors to the document, ‘despite access to briefings that raised suspicions about Steel and the underlying allegations,’ Schiff now tried to ‘defend himself by claiming that Steele was a respected former spy and that the Russian lied to him at source.’ Huh! “As chairman of Parliament’s intelligence committee,” Schiff “reassured the public” for years that “criticism was futile and the document was confirmed,” and even claimed that he had “evidence of collusion,” which he never presented.

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