Where is Arturo Gutierrez now? The murder and update of Christie Fleming

Arturo Gutierrez’s full name is Arturo Johannas Gutierrez, and when he was murdered, he was 41 years old. She was in a relationship with a woman 20 years younger than her.

He lived in Riverside County and was charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend. When he was arrested, he denied guilty of a crime in Whittier’s courtroom.

At his Whittier home, he repressed a high school loved one to death. At the time of the crime, Fleming was considered to be in his twenties, about 25 years old.

According to the researchers, the DNA of the cigarette butt found on the kitchen counter matched the DNA of Gutierrez. In 1993, permission was taken to take his blood for examination.

They supported high-tech DNA matching because it could also correspond to tens of thousands of Latinos. Davis took a deep breath after learning that Gutierrez had been murdered.

“Still as if that weren’t true for me,” Davis Fleming pointed out.

She was a woman with a lot to do. He had everything in order in his life… He was at the peak of his career.

Gutierrez is still in prison and serving his sentence. Although the details of his sentence are unknown, he was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of acquittal.

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