Which Encanto character are you based on your horoscope?

Spoiler Warning: This list includes Encanto spoilers.

Charm is the latest Disney animated film to hit theaters. This magical music film follows the Madrigal family, who live in a mystical house and are given magical gifts on their fifth birthday. However, the only exception to the rule is Mirabel Madrigal, who has not been given a gift and who feels outsider because of it. When their magical home begins to fall apart, Mirabel must save her home and family.

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Cast Charm, especially the Madrigal family, is pretty solid with 12 members in the film, which fits perfectly with the zodiac sign. The family actually ends up getting a great zodiac counterpart.

12 Sagittarius – Mirabel

Stephanie Beatriz Mirabelina in Encanto

The protagonist of the story, Mirabel, is an optimistic, fair, and intelligent person, like Sagittarius. Sagittarius has a lot of friends, while Mirabel doesn’t have much, people like her. In addition, Mirabel is a great conversationalist and honest, even at the cost of getting embarrassed with her family.

By embracing the Sagittarius trait of honesty, Mirabel is able to engage in emotionally rough conversations with her family that will ultimately help improve their relationship. Unfortunately, she is also a little careless when dealing with certain things and she has a hard time admitting that she is wrong about people, especially her eldest sister.

11 Capricorn – Luisa

charm - Luisa

Thanks to the gift of superiority, Luisa at first glance seems to fit the stereotype of a rampant bruise. However, as the film reveals, Luisa puts herself under a lot of pressure to always be available to use her gift.

Capricorns also tend to accumulate pressure on themselves in the same way. Instead of taking a break or time for themselves, Capricorns feel like they should always work or they won’t use their gifts to the full, like Luisa.


10 Aquarius – Camille

charm - madrigal family

Camilo is a family transformer that travels easily from one shape to another without a break. This is best illustrated by the free-flowing, irregular nature of the Aquarius sign. This horoscope usually embodies a rebellious spirit and also does its best to maintain close and caring ties within the community.

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Although Camilo may be more than willing and able to cover up and ridicule his father, Félix, he still has close ties to other members of his family, especially his mother, Pepa.

9 Kalat – Antonio

CHARM - antonio

The gift of a gentle and sweet Antonio is the ability to talk and make friends with all animals. Just like Pisces, Antonio has his own way of looking at a world that doesn’t always make sense in the eyes of others. However, he can adapt to his environment and show a more flexible mindset than others, which is definitely an important sign for Pisces.

Pisces is one of the most excited zodiac signs: their emotional intelligence may be older than their years.

8 Aries – Paper

Pepa and Felix smile at his door in Encanto

Aries can be bright and cheerful, but also swing into a more stormy state just as easily. No one manifests this trait better than Pepa, who has weather control. A sunny day can easily turn stormy with Pepa’s gift, but nonetheless, he accepts everything with a passion for good or evil.

While Pepa can work like any Aries, her love and deep-rooted care for her family makes her do her best.

7 Taurus – Agustin

Agustin keeps his thumbs up at Disney's Encanto

Since Agustin married the Madrigal family, she has no gift of her own. Nevertheless, he is a very calm and calm man who embodies the best qualities of Taurus. Practical and reliable, Agustin is dedicated to the happiness of all his children and his beloved wife Julieta.

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While people may not see Taurus as “exciting,” they are the ones people can count on to get the support and balance they need in their lives.

6 Twins – Dolores

The Madrigal family smiles and uses their gifts in Encanto

No wonder Dolores is best suited for the zodiac sign of Gemini with a gift like super hearing. Gemini is a horoscope communicator who loves gathering information and is able to process it faster than any other member of the horoscope. Dolores’ own ability in Charm is superheard, which makes him the secret guard of the family.

However, he is willing to share these secrets or discuss what he hears with those around him. Because of this, his gift is an important factor in the events of the film.

5 Cancer – Julia

Juliet and Mirabel touch heads and hands at Disney's Encanto.

Mirabel’s mother Juliet has a gift to heal people in cooking. Those with a cancer mark are able to relate to the world through others and their own compassion. They want to help people with their emotional burdens due to their own emotional intelligence, to heal them in a metaphorical sense.

Juliet has the same desire to improve Mirabel’s own uncertainty about her position in the family with both her actions and her words.

4 Leo – Felix

Félix and Pepa dance together in Encanto

Pepa’s husband Félix is ​​the embodiment of a lion with a glorious self-esteem, a passionate nature and he is not afraid to show his love for the whole world. Félix grabs life by the horns and does her best to interfere with everything in her path, the world around her enthusiasm and joy.

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This allows him to balance his wife Pepa. A solid sign is that Leos are working well towards their long-term goals and supporting others around them when they need it.

3 Virgo – Isabela

Charming trailer for Lin Manuel Miranda

Mirabel’s “perfect” eldest sister, Isabel, has the ability to grow flowers. Although it looks perfect on the outside, Charm reveals that this is due to her feeling that she has no choice but to be perfect, which fits the Virgo brand absolutely and ironically perfectly.

Although Virgins tend to have a pragmatic approach to life, they and others around them consider them unreasonable demands that Virgo feels compelled to follow all the time.

2 Libra – Grandmother

Alma looks shocked while holding a candle at Disney's Encanto.

Abuela is the matriarch of the family and the one who led the madrigals to their magical home and gifts. While Abuela, like many Libra, tries to keep the family in harmony and their ties strong, Abuela also sinks into some negative traits. Essentially, he wants the family to be “on” all the time to the point that their inner lives and conflicts are buried under their true feelings.

Eventually, this more toxic side of the Scale makes the house fall apart and triggers the film’s events. Only when Abuela admits her own mistakes can social order be restored in a healthy way.

1 Scorpio – Bruno

CHARM - Mirabel & Bruno

No one wants to talk about Bruno in the Madrigal family or the city around the home. Similarly, Scorpio is the most misunderstood and negatively associated zodiac sign. Because of the gift of seeing Bruno’s future, everyone around him avoided him. Scorpio, on the other hand, is a sign that is considered manipulative and melodramatic until its parody.

In reality, Scorpio is intuitive and ready to help people come to the truth. Likewise, Bruno is the key Mirabel needs to get to the truth about why magic leaves her family.

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