Why Riverdale’s Shocking Twist reinforces the series

Yeah, Archie’s dead. Than really dead. Like Cheryl and the entire city conspiracy to tear her heart out of her chest to appease Maple Maiden and restore life to the barren land and uterus of the dead Rivervale. It’s really wild, and an hour later I still can’t believe the show took this opportunity. And the thing is? It Really had to do this.

A dirty little secret on the subject Riverdale for almost its entire course is that its alleged leadership is also its least compelling nature. Archie has been the biggest problem with this show for some time now, and it’s full of talk from all the prison battle clubs to PTSD that are only tangential to the main story. So why not just kill him? Criticizing this series from day one, I’ve been wondering what would happen if an eternally guaranteed hero came to an end. For the sake of clarity, KJ Apa does his best with an overly serious character, which is also a problem in the source comics. Surrounded by more interesting characters, Archie got lost in a shuffle adventure. But actually killing him (albeit apparently temporarily) is still a huge swing, which is very welcome.

Now that we are in the “shadow city” of Rivervale, bold opportunities can be accepted. And if Archie’s throbbing heart can be torn off his chest, it’s better to believe that anyone else can go in an instant. Not only is the possibility of a body count exciting here, but the feeling that this show is completely and utterly free. Forget those ships and plans Riverdale‘s bread and butter, they have been replaced by sheer madness.

Apparently bowing to supernatural elements, it is easy for Kierna’s Shipkan Sabrina to arrive in a few weeks, but much more it allows showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to bring the creepy elements of his Archie horror comic to the forefront of the series. Although Riverdale had Gargoyle Kings and Mothmen, it always had a rational reason behind its chaos. It’s now out the window, and what happens next is anyone’s guess. As a result, Rivervale is a TV destination. I really can’t wait to get to see where things go from here… and it’s been too long since I’ve felt that way about this series.

Rivervale Rundown

  • Okay, so of course Archie isn’t going to stay dead, so what do you really think is going on here? Smart money is in a coma dream that Archie or Betty took after Mr. Lodge blew up Andrews ’home in the fifth season finale.
  • So Thornhill’s only Blu-ray is Midsummer, properly?
  • Archie Comics cheerfully tweeted “hello @CW_Riverdale we just want to talk ”moments after its namesake died on the screen.
  • Cole Sprouse gets to flex his actress muscles a bit by playing Rod Sterling in the intro sections of Rivervale.
  • The name Rivervale is an obvious tribute Welcome to Night Vale.
  • In this episode, we learn that Uncle Frank’s secret mercenary work cost him the life of his wife and daughter. It’s funny that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa didn’t tell him his own background story, but just made him Frank Castle… so this is the closest we’ll ever get. Archie faces a punisher.
  • Cheryl and her flock worship the pagan goddess Maple Maiden because they are, of course.
  • Toni doesn’t put the toad in his baby’s mouth for a second, but he leaves it in Fox Forest for the night. Okay clear. When the whole maple cult ceases, Rivervale could actually use pediatricians.
  • What do we think of Reggie and Veronica being Rivervale’s “first-mate?”
  • Kevin founded Archien was cruel, just as Veronica knocked him out of a brick. These children of Rivervale are unscrupulous.
  • Archie Andrews was 25 when he died. RIP guy.
  • Honor Cheryl by referring to the connection between Veronica and Reggie as a “plant,” you know you thought so.
  • There was a lot of Dr. Curdle Jr. in this episode, which is yet another reason to celebrate it.
  • Jughead is apparently quite a comic book collector. This is being made a big deal and will never be mentioned again, so it will be interesting to see if this possible plot line becomes anything.
  • “I see, I’d be obsessed too.” At worst, Cheryl knows how to use words.
  • What exactly is Cheryl’s “ancient purification formula” and how does it conquer the mind of an otherwise rational person like Betty?
  • Together with the above Midsummer, Creepshow referred to in this section. Expect more horror patterns as this mini-series rolls towards (almost certainly) its crazy end.
  • Rivervale is a city with a heart. Nice touch.

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